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Send real postal mail online using the RESTful stampr api

API Documentation

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A number of wrappers exist in varying degrees of completion — MIT licensed and ready to be forked!






Check out the Stampr API Hello World tutorial!

What is stampr?

First and foremost, stampr is the coolest thing to happen to postal mail since the pony express.

We turn the clumsy and error-prone process of sending a letter into something as easy to use as sending an email -- and our API strives to be the same.

Enough talk, let's see it in action. Here's an example of sending a mailing with the PHP client:

$stampr = new Stampr([email], [password]);
$mailing = $stampr->mail($to_address, $from_address, $message);

That's easy!


Use the links on the left to learn more about a respective client. Currently available:


The documentation for the entire API is available here, and each individual project documents all the necessary bits in their respective readme.

Support or Contact

If you're having a problem with a particular client, please report it as an issue in their respective github repo, or contact us at